Leadership Enrichment Series

The Leadership Enrichment Series is an event with the purpose of providing an opportunity to learn about leadership and management principles and practices from those who are sustained as Prophets and Apostles. Explore past Leadership Enrichment Series below, and find tools for sharing and discussing them with your team.

Core Talents:

Leading Like the Savior and Building Capability
Elder David A. Bednar 1/21/2015

The Journey to Lead Like the Savior
Elder D. Todd Christofferson 11/6/2013

A Conversation on Inspired Leadership
Elder Anthony D. Perkins 8/22/2013

Align with the Brethren
Elder Neil L. Andersen 8/15/2012

Leading as the Savior Would Lead
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 11/9/2011

Act Under the Direction of the Spirit
Elder Richard G. Scott 2/23/2011

Operational Talents:

A Conversation on Render an Account
Elder Dale G. Renlund 2/23/2016

A Conversation on Building Capability
Brother Tad R. Callister 9/2/2015

A Conversation on Counsel Together
Women's Auxiliary Presidents Bonnie L. Oscarson, Rosemary M. Wixom, and SisterLinda K. Burton 5/13/2015

Accomplishing the Work
Elder Robert C. Gay 9/10/2014

Build Capability
Elder Don R. Clarke 5/13/2013

Organize the Work/Accomplish the Work
Elder Robert D. Hales 11/13/2012

Render an Account
Elder Dallin H. Oaks 8/16/2011

Define Direction
President Kim B. Clark 10/13/2010

Counseling Together in the Workplace
Elder M. Russell Ballard 6/9/2010

Other Topics:

A Conversation with the Presiding Bishopric
Presiding Bishop Gary E. Stevenson, Bishop Gerald Causse, and Bishop Dean M. Davies 4/29/2014

Understanding Our External Environment
Elder Quentin L. Cook 4/11/2012

A Conversation on Leadership
Elder David A. Bednar 2/24/2010

High-Performance teams
Bronco Mendenhall and Paul Gustavson 10/29/2009