New Caledonia Event

On the evening of Friday 6 November 2015 the New Caledonia, BYUH Alumni Chapter chair organized a BYU-Hawaii information evening; including a skype session with current BYU-H, New Caledonian student Spencer Forrest (Computer Science).

Two local, potential/future students attended - Moroni Porutu (left) and Onesina Tiaou (right). Although we were few in numbers, the eagerness to learn about the University and its unique learning opportunities had a profound impact on all as we interviewed and shared each other's experiences and aspirations. Moroni, recently returned from his mission in Brisbane, Australia. He is currently enrolled online, taking 4 EIL classes this winter. He is interested in studying in the field of psychology and criminal behavior.

A recent trip to Fiji to visit family, ended up being a spiritual awakening for Onesina, the eldest sibling of 11. He explained "Seeing the humility and courage of the saints in Fiji motivated me to recommit myself to the Lord and now I have a strong desire to chase my dream at BYU-Hawaii".

It was also nice to find out that Spencer is progressing well in his studies and enjoying his job in the IT department. In the Spirit of Aloha we wish them all the best.

 - Rika & Sonia Hotere, BYU Hawaii Alumni Chapter Chair, New Caledonia.

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