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April, 2011

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April 2011   
Elder Groberg
Elder Groberg Devotional: The Power of Peace
My dear brothers and sisters, Aloha! You look wonderful to me. You have great leaders and teachers here. I feel a spirit of goodness coming from all of you. This is the Spirit of God. 
It comes from Him and, depending on the purity of our lives, flows into us and through us to those around us, bringing peace and joy to them and to us. The more purity we achieve, the more peace and joy we and those about us receive. Read, Watch
J. Elliot Cameron
J. Elliot Cameron, former BYU–Hawaii president, passes away
J. Elliot Cameron passed away on February 27, 2011, in Provo, Utah, due to causes incident to age. Elliot was born in Panguitch, Utah, February 9, 1923, to Benjamin Archie Cameron and Leonia Sargent. He graduated from Springville High School and attended Branch Agricultural College (now Southern Utah University) where he was active in athletics and student government. Read More
SIFE team offers workshops in Tuvalu
If you ask nicely—or if you don’t ask at all—the legendary James Ritchie will tell you the story of King Toa, the man that rose to greatness and inspired a nation. A dream, months in the making, came true in early March as a team of SIFE club members boarded a jet for Tuvalu, led by “King Toa,” otherwise known as Toa Sailusi. Tuvalu is a small country made up of eight coral atolls totaling 10 square miles and home to just 10,000 people. Read more
Ho'omaika'i Dinner Ho'omaika'i honors and celebrates BYU–Hawaii ohana
Ho’omaika’i , the annual appreciative dinner and dance put on for faculty, staff, missionaries, retirees, and volunteers, celebrated the legacy left behind by those retiring as well as honored the service and dedication of current faculty and staff members. The evening of March 15 started off with the Years of Service Awards, which is an award given to employees who have faithfully served BYUH for a number of years, ranging from 5 to 40 years. Read more
Justin Carlson
Alumnus creates BYU–Hawaii mentor network
Justin Carlson, a 2007 BYU–Hawaii alumnus, came up with the idea to develop a mentorship program for students at BYU–Hawaii. Carlson works as an accountant now and was recently on campus representing a firm at the Career Fair. “Working at a global financial services firm in Silicon Valley, I have seen some great opportunities that are out there for college graduates,” said Carlson.  Read more
Miles Smith
Alumnus studies in Middle East, gives insight on unrest
BYU–Hawaii alumnus Miles Smith lived in Cairo, Egypt, from August 2009 to December 2009 while studying abroad under a government scholarship with the U.S. State Department. This experience left him with a love for the country and a connection to the people with whom he worked closely. Read more

BYUH Basketball
After trip to title game, future for BYU–Hawaii basketball looks bright
It didn't take long. Just 1 second from utter frustration to sincere appreciation. A round of applause for their team that made it to within one basket of no-one-left-to-beat and a national championship. Cheering that the Seasiders couldn't hear, but you know that they felt all the way in Springfield, Mass., about 5,000 miles away from Laie ... but much closer by Jet. Read more
Japan Tsunami University reacts to Tsunami in Japan
The entire BYU–Hawaii ohana has felt the effects of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan and is united in their efforts to assist in any way possible to relieve the suffering of both the individuals in Japan and also the members of the university ohana who have been impacted by these disasters. “Our hearts go out to our Japanese students,” says Debbie Hippolite Wright...Read More, "Give Aloha to Japan" Video, Students project is a display of love
Norton family
Alumni Spotlight: Richie and Natalie Norton
Many mainland students come to Brigham Young University–Hawaii to gain an education, soak up the warm Hawaiian sun, and return home with a degree and a tan. In the case of Richie and Natalie Norton, they booked a one-way ticket to Hawaii and haven’t looked back. Four children and a decade later, the Nortons are feeling right at home in Laie. Read more