Alumni Newsletter

April, 2014
Rounded Orientation poster


Alumni Orientation - Summer 2014
The Alumni Orientation takes place every semester during the weeks before graduation. It informs students about how to stay connected with BYU-Hawaii and with each other after they graduate.


BYU Management Society
BYU-Hawaii Alumni Association and BYU Management society teams up
BYU-Hawaii Alumni Association and the BYU Management Society are teaming up in Asia and the Pacific to build a vibrant network of professionals throughout those regions, promote moral and ethical leadership, and more... 
Culture Night
Preparing for Culture Night
As Culture Night fast approaches BYU-Hawaii’s clubs and chapters are busy preparing for the multicultural spectacle. Students shared the importance of the event and how preparing for Culture Night provides important experiences.


Alumni Megumi


Chona Galletes -New Mentorship Program Coordinator   
The BYU-Hawaii Alumni Association are proud to present our new Alumni Mentor program coordinator, Chona Galletes, and her thoughts and visions about BYU-Hawaii and the Mentorship program.
Patricia Lee
April 2014 Spotlight: Patria Weston-Lee
Patria Weston-Lee is a BYU-Hawaii Alumni currently living in Hau'ula HI. Patria is currently a Licensed clinical social worker and she is involved in helping and preventing abuse and neglect of children, women and families.





  • New Student Orientation, 4/15 - 4/20
  • Graduation ceremony, 4/12