Alumni Newsletter

February, 2014
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Career connect 2014
One week networking excursion to a city/country in Asia & the Pacific. Series of information sessions, tours, meetings, and interviews with various employers. A chance to connect with Employers, Alumni, and other LDS Professionals.

 Meet our International managers! 

Jodi Chowen
Jodi Chowen - Japan, Mongolia & U.S
Jodi Chowen is the Director of Alumni & Career Services. Jodi's responsibilities include being a liaison for the students and alumni from Japan, Mongolia, and the U.S. 
William Numanga
William Numanga -Greater Pacific 
William Numanga is our Career Development Manager. William is responsible for creating and organizing career development initiatives and resources. 
Eddy Tsing Eddy Tsing - Europe, South America & Africa
Eddy Tsing is our Alumni manager. Eddy is responsible over the areas of Europe, South America, and Africa.
Jake Hsu
China, Taiwan, Korea HongKong   
Jake Hsu is our Employer Relations Manager. Jake's geographical areas are the areas of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.
Theone Taala
Theone Taala -Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia & Malaysia   
Theone Taala is our Alumni & Career Services Program Manager & liaison with the College of Language, Culture & Arts. Her geographical area is the Southeast Asia area (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia). 
Oreta Tupola
February 2014 Spotlight: Oreta Tupola
After graduating from BYU-Hawaii with a bachelor, with Honors, in Social Work in 2005, Oreta went on to get a masters in Social work. Oreta’s main goal, which has come to influence the decisions she made since graduation has been to give back to the community that raised her. Oreta says that “she has been a very blessed graduate of Brigham Young University” with a lot of good opportunities for her career. Oreta have constantly made choices that allows her to work in careers were she can give back to women, children, families and her community...


  • Lake Ah Chong, B.A. History, ’83 – new Pesega Samoa Stake President
  • Jonathan, Omae, B.A. Political Science, ’04 – new Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Stake President
  • Freddy Vongue, B.A. Piano Pedagogy, ’98 – new Raromatai Tahiti Stake President