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February, 2013
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Flag ceremony

Students from four of the more than 75 countries currently represented in the student body provided brief remarks at an early-morning gathering as part of the university's Spirit Week. Following the short program, participants took their places at each of the flagpoles in the flag circle, attached their flags, and all together hoisted the flags. 

New Addition to Shopping Center
Seven Brothers, a Kahuku Grill branch, opened its doors to a long line of people at the Laie Shopping Center. 

Helping the Communities
Contractors working on building projects at BYU-Hawaii are also finding ways to “better” Laie and while constructing new facilities on campus.
Mentorship Program
Alumni get involved by helping us recruit students and by becoming mentors to students to help them find their desired job.

Hawaiian Village Renovated  
The PCC's Hawaiian Village has undergone a complete makeover, and reopened in January 2013.
Alfred Grace, president of the Polynesian Cultural Center
New PCC President Installed  
Alfred Grace became President and CEO of the Polynesian Cultural Center on February 26, 2013, succeeding Von Orgill who served for 12 years in that capacity.
Olympic Swimmer Celebrity on Campus
Current BYU–Hawaii student Celeste Brown is an Olympian swimmer. She represented the Cook Islands at the 2012 Olympics in London, England.
Kevin Geer and family
March 2013 Spotlight: Kevin Greer 
Kevin Greer came to BYUHawaii and began school when he was 16 years old.  His family moved to Laie from Utah and his father Dennis Greer was an accounting professor at BYUH.  Kevin attended seminary with his Kahuku High School friends and then BYUHawaii during the school day.  He worked at the PCC for two years during school in various capacities, including working as a canoe guide.  Kevin rapidly completed courses and graduated from BYUHawaii with a BS in Accounting (’88) at the early age of 18...


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