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August, 2011

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A Great Cause: 120,000 Filipino migrant records digitized


"Documenting the migration of each Filipino that came to work on the Hawaiian sugar plantations."

Ish Alum connects Laie and hula in book
Dr. Ishmael Stagner, author of, “KUMU HULA, Roots and Branches,” spoke... about the importance of the role of Laie in hula dancing.
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BYU–Hawaii ranked 14th in low-cost
The US government has ranked BYU–Hawaii 14th in cost of attendance, with BYU and BYU–Idaho ranking 17th and 12th, respectively
Laie Days keeps hukilau alive
Laie Days united the community with a hukilau as Laie residents worked together to pull in large fishing nets at Hukilau Beach on Saturday, July 16.
Kolea Migration of Kolea tracked by BYUH
"Pacific golden plovers (kolea)... flew nonstop from Oahu to Alaska at 39 mph, covering nearly 3,000 miles in just three days."
Shane Baldwin Alum fuels entrepreneurial fire
 D. Shane Baldwin used his degree in Business Administration and  Marketing and entrepreneurial spirit to start three companies in Utah.
Globe Pacific chapters hold Aloha Events
Watch the videos chronicling the Aloha Events held with alumni chapters in American Samoa, Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji.

Moore Family Alumni Spotlight: Susan Moore
Susan Moore may have graduated from BYU–Hawaii in April 2011, but her educational experience is far from over. In fact, it’s just beginning. In a few months, she and her husband will relocate their young family halfway around the world to one of the most prestigious and oldest schools in the world: University of Oxford.


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