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he Professional Mentorship Program is an 8-week program that connects students with professionals to provide students with increased career awareness and opportunities for networking. Students are matched with mentors by home region and by field of interest.


Brigham Young University Hawaii has students from more than 70 different countries who chose to gain an education overseas. The Professional Mentorship Program encourages the students to network with professionals back in their home countries and learn to become a leader, as BYU-Hawaii states "Enter to learn, go forth to serve."


To join the mentor network, simply send a request to our LinkedIn group:

For Business Professionals

BYU-Hawaii Business Professionals and Mentors Network

For All the Professionals
(Non BYU-Hawaii Alumni are welcome!)

The Official BYU-Hawaii Alumni Association

After you sent the request to join the group, a Mentor Program Coordinator will contact you when there is a student who is interested in your job field. To know the roles of the mentor, please view Professional Mentorship Program Guide.

1. Read through this website and review program content.
2. Make an appointment with the Career Services for a professionals resume.
 3. Complete the
application form.

     Kick-Off Event    
    Application Deadline    
October 1, 2013
October 4, 2013
January 24, 2014
January 28, 2014
May 20, 2014
May 23, 2014

5. PROGRAM OUTLINE     *Download detailed outline

[ Week 1-3 ]
1-2 weeks after the deadline, you will receive an email from the Alumni Office to come in for a 10-minute orientation to find out who your mentor is and to learn about the program guidelines
Step 1
Get some ideas on the things you want to work on with your mentor: worksheet
Step 2
Make contact with your mentor by e-mail to schedule your first appointment
[ Week 4-7 ]
Step 3
First meeting with your mentor/Set goals and schedules
Step 4
Follow the schedules you planned with your mentor
[ Week 8 ]
Students - Submit the program evaluation - Student  *Required
Mentors - Submit the program evaluation - Mentor  *Required


At the beginning of each semester, we invite a guest speaker who is a successful alumnus. You can watch videos from the past kick-off events.

John Dodson: Summer, 2012
(Associate Product Manager at Yahoo!)
Marc de Schweinitz: Winter, 2013 (Account Executive at Google)
John Dorff: Summer 2013 (Regional Director at TMF group)



"I really liked how it gave me an opportunity to get in contact with someone who has already experienced what I am going through right now and can give me some advices and mentoring, which I would not have had the chance otherwise. I like the process of it all; it is very easy and quick to process. The responses were very prompt."

"I've been very interested in my mentor's field of work and this program gave me a great reason to talk to him about it. I also liked how the mentor program was kicked off with a BYUH alumnus who talked about how he got started in his own business. Very insightful."

"My end goal is to be a business consultant, my mentor is a business consultant (a very knowledgeable and experienced one at that!). She was super friendly and seemed to genuinely want to help me do well. She told me how she worked from the bottom up to where she is now."

"It is the best program to build my networking, and absorb experiences from the professional mentor. I would like to do it again."

"This program connects me with people in my field with similar interests. My mentor had done similar activities when he was at school and was able to recommend me things that I can start working on so I can better prepare myself for graduate school, future employment and starting my own business."

"I loved all of the advice my mentor gave me. He gave me a lot of great ideas of how to better present myself and work on my resume."

"I liked being able to hear personal stories and experiences from a professional. I also like being able to ask questions from someone who is working in the industry that I want to work in."

"I'm happy with the program and hope to help with the program when I'm graduated from BYU- Hawaii."

Student's Testimonial - Kimber


"I simply love the idea of this program and the networking and career learning that can happen. Wish it would have been up and running when I was there."

"This program allowed students to talk with people in the real world who may have had similar experiences to what the students had. Also, I feel that it gave the students a sense of reality."

"I have enjoyed meeting with the student and I am still meeting with him and continuing to provide internship opportunities."

"My mentee's goals were well aligned with my current field & lifestyle."

"Alignment of mentee and mentor was very well done. Tracks within majors have dramatically improved since my time at BYUH to adequately align course work to field of practice. Mentee is prepared and eager to transition to the next chapter in his life."

"My mentee and I are still working on interview preparation and networking skills that are imperative to landing a job in investment banking. It is not something that one can prepare for in the course of several weeks. We tried to have a call weekly and I really liked how we both just made the program into what would be best for him. He was willing to accept assignments and maintained solid communication through the program. I believe this worked well because I am doing something that he genuinely needs and wants help understanding and preparing for. The mentee-mentor alignment was perfect."

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